GOOD SMILE cafe’s Adventure Part 1 – TYPE-MOON Cafe

It was a Sunday. Nice weather. 3 otaku’s in Asakusabashi, Tokyo. After having some funny yet delicious burger with mango in it for breakfast at a burger store nearby:

We set out on our journey. Skipping the sceneries of JR train rides, we arrived at Matsudo. After about a 5-minute walk from the station, here came the glorious site, TYPE-MOON cafe:

Just so you wonder, the hands holding a phone on the left of the picture above belonged to otaku no.1, the one holding a camera on the right was otaku no.2, and the one who took the picture was apparently otaku no.3, aka guu. After admiring the outisde for a while, we took our entrace. Welcoming us there was:

The cafe was fully occupied so we waited for a while:

We were extremely lucky to get the only sofa seats at the very inner end of the cafe, with a nice-looking table:

And located right next to the replicated bike that Saber rided in Fate/zero:

The bike was a working replicate, which means you could actually ride on it and rush out of the store. I was suggesting to otaku no.1 on how I should distract the cafe staff while he rode the bike off. Anyway, you could ride on the bike and took pictures. Because guu looked way too cool on the bike, being almost comparable to Saber, so we will save the picture here. Right next to the bike was Excalibur and Avalon:

Unfortunately you were not allowed to grab the Excalibur and ride on the bike. While waiting for our lunches, I took some more pictures around the cafe, including the wall scrolls:

And figures:

A lot of figures, I know. Here is an overall pictures of all the figures:

There was also a showcase with Saber’s bike and Kiritsugu’s gun:

Finally our lunches came. We all ordered lunch sets by the way:

Here’s the bottom side of the place mat where our delicious lunches were put on:

After the lunch, of course we had to make a visit to the restroom. This is more so the case in the cafe as inside the restroom, there was this:

You don’t usually see people taking pictures inside the restroom, but how could I not take that?

So after a satisfying look around, a satisfying lunch, and a satisfying restroom visit, that concluded part 1 of the adventure. With the 3 otaku’s heading to Akihabara next, what would be there awaiting for them? Waku waku…

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